How to keep your Freeze-Proof outside faucet from freezing

Your outside faucets can be tricky to determine if they are leaking on the inside of your wall or under your home.  In most cases a busted frost free faucet will only leak when turned on. The problem is the leak may not be able to be seen from the outside.  Many outside faucets are up to 14 inches inside of the walls of your home where the leaking water will quickly flood the inside of your home without your knowledge.  Possible causes of a frost free faucet actually freezing and bursting could be an obstruction hosebibbsuch as a hose being left attached to the hose bib in freezing conditions or  Improper Installation may prevent the water from draining from your faucet after use. When properly used a frost free faucet can not freeze and bust because there should not be water in the faucet to freeze.

If you notice a slight damp area inside of your home on the other side of the wall from your outside faucet a busted hose bib may be the culprit.

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