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Garbage Disposal Problems?

Easy solutions for your garbage disposal problems

Are you having garbage disposal problems? Here’s a few tips to clear up some common issues.

  • Adding a few cubes of ice to your disposal while it’s running can clean off some of the debris that may cause a later problem.  If it starts to jam during the process quickly turn it off and run some hot water to melt it away.
  • Adding some baking soda or vinegar to your disposal occasionally can prevent smells from your disposal.
  • Under most disposals is a reset button that can trip during bad jams.  Just reach under and press and it may be as good as new.
  • Avoid putting potatoes, coffee grounds, corn husks, egg shells or onion skins in your garbage disposal, they don’t like that!
  • Most disposals come with a allen wrench that inserts into the bottom center of the disposal to assist in manually turning the disposal blades to help clear jams.  If you can’t find the one that came with your disposal, a regular allen wrench will work just fine.

It your disposal just will not work or is leaking we will be happy to send a professional to repair or replace your disposal.  Please call 252-338-6330 for more information.

How to help prevent kitchen sink clogs

We get a lot of calls for clogged kitchen sinks.  No matter how careful you are with what goes down the drain a clog can still happen.  We are happy to clear up the problems for you and if need be replace your drain lines if old pipe or improper installation is the source of the issue.  The following tips may help extend the life of your kitchen drain system.

It’s very hard to prevent ALL grease from getting down the drain but wiping off the bulk of it from dishes will go a long way to protect your lines.

Never wash coffee grounds down the sink.  Yes, people do this.

Limit your use of chemical cleaners, particularly if you have brass, steel, or cast-iron traps and drainpipes; some  chemicals can corrode pipes.

It is sometimes fairly easy to clean your trap but if your pipes are made anything other than than the type pictured below it can be difficult to get back together with out replacement parts on hand. They make even be glued in place.





Right now is the best time to go check under your kitchen sink to see if a leak is causing damage to your cabinets or even floor below.  You sink probably won’t seem clogged if all of the water is flowing into the cabinet below.

Kitchen sink clogs can be, but are not always, a sign of major problems in your plumbing system that can cause costly long term damage to your home in the form of mold rot and structural deterioration.

If you have an issue and would like a professional to get the job done right, please call 252-338-6330 and we will dispatch our team right away.

How to keep your Freeze-Proof outside faucet from freezing

Your outside faucets can be tricky to determine if they are leaking on the inside of your wall or under your home.  In most cases a busted frost free faucet will only leak when turned on. The problem is the leak may not be able to be seen from the outside.  Many outside faucets are up to 14 inches inside of the walls of your home where the leaking water will quickly flood the inside of your home without your knowledge.  Possible causes of a frost free faucet actually freezing and bursting could be an obstruction hosebibbsuch as a hose being left attached to the hose bib in freezing conditions or  Improper Installation may prevent the water from draining from your faucet after use. When properly used a frost free faucet can not freeze and bust because there should not be water in the faucet to freeze.

If you notice a slight damp area inside of your home on the other side of the wall from your outside faucet a busted hose bib may be the culprit.

At Emergency Drain Cleaning and Plumbing we stock a variety of outside faucets to meet your needs.  Please call 252-338-6330 for more information.