How to help prevent kitchen sink clogs

We get a lot of calls for clogged kitchen sinks.  No matter how careful you are with what goes down the drain a clog can still happen.  We are happy to clear up the problems for you and if need be replace your drain lines if old pipe or improper installation is the source of the issue.  The following tips may help extend the life of your kitchen drain system.

It’s very hard to prevent ALL grease from getting down the drain but wiping off the bulk of it from dishes will go a long way to protect your lines.

Never wash coffee grounds down the sink.  Yes, people do this.

Limit your use of chemical cleaners, particularly if you have brass, steel, or cast-iron traps and drainpipes; some  chemicals can corrode pipes.

It is sometimes fairly easy to clean your trap but if your pipes are made anything other than than the type pictured below it can be difficult to get back together with out replacement parts on hand. They make even be glued in place.





Right now is the best time to go check under your kitchen sink to see if a leak is causing damage to your cabinets or even floor below.  You sink probably won’t seem clogged if all of the water is flowing into the cabinet below.

Kitchen sink clogs can be, but are not always, a sign of major problems in your plumbing system that can cause costly long term damage to your home in the form of mold rot and structural deterioration.

If you have an issue and would like a professional to get the job done right, please call 252-338-6330 and we will dispatch our team right away.

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